pmFlight is a UK based limited company and has been running in the United Kingdom since 2009. We offer professional training to current or new pilots using type rated training captains specilising specifically in airline preparation and selection, refresher training, command training and pre-type training. Our facility offers a professional yet cost effective training environment, located at Redhill Aerodrome near the London Gatwick area. Our location in situated to allow us to help both local and international customers.

Telephone: 01737 822160
Email: info@pmflight.co.uk
pmFlight LTD, Redhill Aerodrome, Surrey, RH1 5YP

Jonathan Richardson - Director

Company founder Jonathan Richardson first set-up pmFlight nine years ago. Jonathan maintains his real world flying, but has had a life long passion for simulation and flight training. He heads the business side and technical side of pmFlight which also benefits from his 25yrs experience working in simulation and flight systems software architecture.

Chris Humphrey - Training Captain

Chris was a British Airways base training captain on 737 & 747-400. He heads up most of our Boeing training. Apart from his extensive knowledge and background as an instructor on both very heavy and lighter aircraft, Chris has the unique qualities to be able to adapt to anyones experience levels. He has helped many into airlines, and approaches each session with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as the very first session he did many years ago. He never tires of trying to help. Chris also benefits from having a direct background in selection at BA being on the original selection team. His knowledge runs deep in all areas.  Briefing for airline assessments with Chris is a goldmine of tips. 

Richard Westray - Training Captain

Richard recently retired from Easy Jet with ten years flying the A320. His experience is wide, having flown the 747-400 and 777 for BA. And probably what sticks out was his time on Concorde. Richard is now highly sort after in airline selection and training. His thorough approach has earned him a solid track record with so many pilots completing sessions and now flying for major carriers. Richard heads our Airbus training and covers anything from non-type entry training to command training and then full pre-type rating training on the A320 simulator which many have found the best training they ever had. See our feedback. 

Jack Twomey - IT Consultant / Flight Simulation

Jack brings his network and computer systems expertise to pmFlight and has been instrumental keeping us going. His knowledge in this area is vast and he is responsible for keeping major IT systems running.

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