737 Flight Simulator Preparation

737 simulator

737 Preparation Course

2 Hours £578 inclusive of all fees

3 Hours £838 inclusive of all fees

4 Hours £1116 inclusive of all fees

These are full airline preparation training courses using the 737-800 FBS. We use our in-house facilities and professional flight simulator with collimated visual and full dynamic control loading for correct aircraft feel, including BA / Easyjet fully qualified CAA trainers/examiners. This brings you the fidelity of the FFS at a fraction of the cost for your airline simulator preparation session. The Boeing 737 simulator is used for recurrent 737 training for current line pilots. By comparison including all fees a FFS would work out at approx. £600ph.


  • Training Captain and (PNF / PM)
  • Profiles / packs as required
  • Detailed Airline preparation briefing
  • 2hrs to 4hrs simulator time
  • Debrief

Training Examples

A typical day will start with a detailed briefing from the Training Captain, dependant on the type of entry {Type-Rated, Direct Entry Copilot (or DEC), experienced, non-type or cadet entries}. The training detail will be aligned with emphasis placed on areas of the specific check-ride required. More general factors that govern your approach to the check ride will also be discussed.

If for a non-type yet experienced pilot entry (for example), a detailed discussion will be focussed on typical Boeing profiles / speed & flap schedules, thrust settings and pitch attitudes to expect. Or if you are just out of recency with more limited (or no) heavy jet experience; the above including more detailed aspects on basic jet handling. This aspect is important as most check rides include a test of "back to basic" rawdata skills under a relatively high work load. Once the briefing is complete, the simulator will generally be prepped by the PM/PNF, after which a short cockpit brief will be given.