A320 Flight Simulator Preparation

A320 Preparation Course

2 Hours £578 inclusive of all fees

3 Hours £838 inclusive of all fees

4 Hours £1116 inclusive of all fees

These are full airline preparation training courses using the A320 FBS. We use our in-house facilities and Airbus flight simulator with projected 160 degree visual and correct feel Airbus side-sticks. This is an advanced trainer with most of the common Airbus failures and ECAM actions. It can bring you the fidelity of the FFS at a fraction of the cost for your airline simulator preparation session. The Airbus simulator is used for recurrent A320 training by current line pilots. By comparison including all fees a FFS could cost approx. £600ph.


  • Training Capt. & PNF / PM
  • Profiles / packs as required
  • Detailed Airline preparation briefing
  • 2hrs to 4hrs simulator time
  • Debrief

Training Example

A typical day would start with a detailed briefing from the Training Captain, dependant on type of entry (Type-Rated, DEC/DEFO, experienced on type, non-type or cadet entries). The training detail would be aligned with emphasis placed on areas of the specific check-ride. More general factors that govern your approach to the check ride will be assessed.

If you are a non-type but an experienced pilot, the detailed discussion will focus on typical Airbus profiles / speed & flap schedules, thrust settings and handling (specific to an Airbus) and the pitch attitudes to expect. If you are just out of recency or with more limited, or no heavy jet experience, the above will included more detailed discussion about basics of jet handling. These briefings for the A320 take rather longer but are included (typically 1.5hrs). This is important as most check rides are a test of back to basic rawdata skills under high work load. Once the briefing is finished, the simulator will generally be prepared by the PNF/PM and a short pre-flight brief will be given.