Pre Type-Rating Preparation Training

Airbus simulator FCU

Pre Type Rating Training

4 Hours £1116 inclusive of all fees

8 Hours £2232 inclusive of all fees

12 Hours £3348 inclusive of all fees

This is a very popular and useful course, which is normally spread over a few days. We run these courses on both B737 and A320 simulators. It has extensive simulator and classroom time. It has proved to be highly successful and helped many pilots get a head start before commencing the full type-rating. Normally the minimum period is for three days with 4hrs simulator on each day and ground school. See customer specific feedback here. The course is adjusted as to coverage and scope depending on the days booked. A typical DAY 1 will be 2hrs classroom, simulator of 4hrs and a one hour debriefing / a full days training. A typical full course is:

  • Training Captain & PNF / PM
  • Profiles / packs as required
  • Detailed briefings / Class room time
  • 4hrs to 16hrs simulator time as required.
  • debriefs

Simulator Details 4hr simulator blocks

  • Cockpit Preparation / Flows
  • Flight Planning introduction (FMC)
  • Airwork
  • Profiles & Approaches
  • Systems / Abnormals / Emergencies
  • Landing