Simulator Refresher & Command Training

Simulator Refresher & Command Training

2 Hours £578 inclusive of all fees

3 Hours £838 inclusive of all fees

4 Hours £1116 inclusive of all fees

pmFlight offers refresher training for LPC / OPC / LOE and detailed command preparation courses. Refresher training can be targeted to a specific area or full LPC preparation. Each command course has consistently gained high pass rates. We offer exceptionally high standards of training, aligning to your airlines SOPS.

  • Training Captain & PNF / PM
  • Profiles / packs as required
  • Detailed briefings
  • 2hrs to 4hrs simulator time
  • debrief

Typical training covered

Our courses are designed to complement and enhance your skills. 

  • The main LPC / OPC items 
  • Technical and non-technical skill development
  • CRM Crew management skill development
  • Problem solving
  • Threat and error management
  • Left hand seat familiarisation
  • The Captain's role
  • LOE (Line Orientated Exercises) 
  • Ground handling / pre-flight procedures and paper work in the captain's role